Profile Overview

Arin Mercy Jones

Orion/Human Hybrid Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Jones


Chief Helm Officer
USS Denver


Arin Merkara Jones

Sept 17, 2349

Solarion IV


Tactical Recon

Born of a scheme that tried to take over a starship, Arin’s mother didn’t want her daughter to grow up in slavery. She was smuggled out and adopted by her biological father. She grew up in Ireland on Earth, where she had to develop a thick skin and quick wit to go along with the light green skin.

Having grown up around a shuttleyard, Arin knows her way around systems better than most.

Parents: Riordan Jones – Father Born 2302 –

Jayni – Born 2314-Deceased 2347

No Siblings
Paternal grandparents- Matthew and Consuelo Jones


Light green skin, amber eyes and nearly black hair, though sometimes dyed red.Disarming smile.


Height: 5″10″

Weight: 165 pounds. Disarming smile.

Eye color: Amber

Hair color. Black. Some red if she she gets too much sunlight.



Typically easy going, she does have a tendency to not suffer fools. Any one trying will get her utmost attention and assistance and she is easy going and funny.


Ambitions: Right now, she wants to see places and fly the ship taking them there. She likes being in the action.

Hobbies: Restoring and building full size aircraft. Dancing. Good food and better friends


Birth 2349
While Arin’s existence was planned, the outcome wasn’t. Her mother Jayni, legal had been part of a plot to steal a starship. When the mother later called the unsuspecting father to kidnap her out of the Orion family, it had sparked a legal battle. Thus, Arin grew up on a Federation planet.
Long summers and a keen inquisitive nature, Arin grew up a tomboy near farms and hard-working miners. She learned a good deal about human nature and work ethics. Her father was a pilot and encouraged her to be around aircraft of all kinds. Showing an aptitude for flight, she quickly earned a pilot’s license even before finishing her primary schooling. If she wasn’t flying them, she would be working on them. Being a mining and agricultural world, Solarion offered Arin many hours of flight time she could add to her logbook. One time, shuttling parts to the nearby orbital dock, she witnessed the near warp arrival of USS Crazy Horse, an Excelsior class starship. It was love at first sight. She worked hard and was accepted to Starfleet Academy the second time around.

Post Primary School 2367
Due to the tremendous amount of lucrative work, Arin stayed at Solarion for a while. Mostly around the planet but did get to run the occasional shuttle run into orbit. Finally, even that was becoming tedious, and she yearned for more.

Starfleet Academy 2368
Narrowly making Starfleet Academy the first round, Flight school initially irritated Arin. It seemed so basic and waiting for the rest of the class to catch up had gotten her into trouble. She never had to study and was bad about turning in homework assignments, which in turn irritated her teachers as she aced every exam. One morning, her instructors ambushed her with a pop quiz in the form of an aircraft check-out. When she committed no errors, they prepared a far more extensive exam. After passing that she was allowed to help train the others in problems areas and graduated at the top of her class.

Graduation 2372
She had the pic of assignments and picked an unlikely posting at Utopia Planetia shipyards. It was a chance to see and fly the latest Starfleet designs and learn more about her Irish heritage. Not to mention the various air and space museums that were many places on Earth.

In 2375 she was promoted to Lieutenant Jg and transferred to a more active role with the Federation on war footing.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2372 - 2375 Flight officer Utopia Planetia Shipyards
2375 - Present Flight Officer USS Denver
Lieutenant Junior Grade