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Devron Fleet Yards, Devron System

Task Force 93

Fourth Fleet Humanitarian Operations

For the last decade and a half, Task Force 93 has served as a humanitarian and peacekeeping force along the Romulan border. Following the hypernova of 2387, it was tasked with securing the former Neutral Zone, protecting Federation interests in the Beta Quadrant. Worlds have been abandoned by the Federation and Romulan Factions alike, left to fend for themselves against the ravages of regional dangers, fledgling and weak infrastructures, and natural disasters. With the Fourth Fleet’s repurposing with a galactic mandate, it was deemed Task Force 93 take this skill and expertise to all troubled corners of the galaxy.

Recent years have seen many powers withdrawing their support to many regions as they reinforce the borders they can protect. In their wake are worlds vulnerable to regional piracy or exploitation by other powers, worlds forced to rebuild governance and infrastructure from scratch, worlds lacking any support should the worst happen. Be they independent or answering to a higher government, Federation or otherwise, the support that now arrives fastest is from Task Force 93.

This work is more than bringing blankets. It takes engaging with communities to meet their needs, navigating fraught diplomacy with local leaders and their conflicting priorities, providing protection from opportunistic pirates that might see such a world ripe for the taking, or nearby powers that might see them ripe for seizing. Across the galaxy are worlds that have been chewed up and spat out by one government or another. To some, Task Force 93 is a welcome helping hand. To others, a necessary shield.

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